BOOKLET J.H. Moesman ‘Op Engelvoeten/ à pas de loup’ (by Angel feet/ discreetly) 1975 (€ 175)

Editions Surréalistes ‘Brumes Blondes’
Schalkwijk, The Netherlands

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Original booklet
Handwritten and signed New Year’s dedication on the inside of the cover ‘Met de beste wensen voor 1975 t/m 1999, in 2000 zien we wel weer!/ JH Moesman’

Title  op Engelvoeten/ à pas de loup (by Angel feet/ discreetly)
Cover image  typography ‘Petronius’
Author  J.H. Moesman
Publisher  Editions Surréalistes ‘Brumes Blondes’, Schalkwijk 1975
Printer  A.W. Bruna & Zoon, Utrecht (Typo Delvos, Amsterdam)
Edition  1st (small circulation)
Pages  16; illustrated
Binding  soft cover
Dimensions  8,3 x 5,7 inch (21 x 14,5 cm)
Language  Dutch
Condition  very good
Miscellaneous  with vintage business card Bruna & Zoon inside