POSTER Desirée Dolron ‘Xteriors Xlll’ 2017

Singer Museum
Laren, The Netherlands

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Original poster

Heading  Desirée Dolron
Dimensions  59,5 x 42 cm
Singer Museum Laren, 2017
Condition  A+ (excellent/ mint)
Remark  limited edition

Desirée Dolron

With this Xteriors XIII portrait photo from 2007, the Singer Museum in Laren announced an overview exhibition of the work of one of the most successful contemporary photographers in the Netherlands: Desirée Dolron (Haarlem, 1963).
Dolron is internationally known. The Guggenheim Museum in New York, the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid have work by Dolron in the collection. Her work is represented in the Netherlands in the collection of the Art Museum The Hague.
Perhaps the most famous Dolron series is Xteriors. Picturesque, sober portraits with faces fragile like porcelain.
Dolron directs her light and models so that her images sometimes evoke associations with classical paintings. She uses a very recognizable and personal handwriting and pushes the boundaries of what is technically possible within photography.

The result is a calm world that consists of carefully constructed scenes, almost perfectly composed; “The mystery of life reigns in the silence of her work.”