VESSEL ‘Pre Columbian Chimú’ AD 900-1200 (€ 375)

Central Andes, Peru

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Pre-Columbian Chimú vessel representing a gourd with stirrup spout with modelled little monkey.

Culture  Chimú
Origin  Central Andes, Peru
Date  AD 900-1200
Medium  ceramic; blackware
Dimensions  12.7″ tall; diameter 5.3″ (tall 23,2 cm; diameter 13,4 cm)
Weight  1 lb (470 gr)
Condition  very good; nice patina; minor rimchip & crack
Provenance  Dutch private collection, Bussum, since 1960s

This item is unconditionally guaranteed to be authentic as described.


The Chimú were the residents of Chimor, with its capital at the city of Chan Chan, a large adobe city in the Moche Valley of present-day Trujillo city. The culture arose about 900 AD. The Inca ruler Tupac Inca Yupanqui led a campaign which conquered the Chimú around 1470 AD.